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I used to play locally with a small band and earned some cash many, many, many years ago.  Man, that was a real blast!  I just goof around from time to time now so it is only a hobby.  Recently, I played with a couple of bands (three, actually) in hopes of them getting paying gigs, but nothing ever panned out.  Every now and then I will go and check out stuff my friends are doing, but only for the entertainment value.  I have no fantasies of "making it big".

Learning Videos
  • Justin Sandercoe
    I have learned more than a few tunes from this guy.  Not personally, but through his web videos on youtube. He breaks things down and plays slow so you can pick up the notes.  After the notes are learned I pick up the tempo until it is just right.  It is definitely a great way to learn.
Places To Buy Stuff From
  • Central Music
    The guy who owns this shop has been around forever and no matter how long it has been since the last time you were in he remembers your name!  There is a great selection of music in stock  This is my first stop for music and any guitar questions.
  • Guitar Center
    A nice handy place with enough locations around the valley to make it easy to find.  I bought at least one guitar from these guys.
  • Musician's Friend
    I picked up my guitar stool (actually a drum throne) real cheap and fast from this place.  Awesome, awesome.