This is software that runs in any web browser, like Chrome, FireFox, IE, Edge, Safari, etc. It is mobile friendly, too, so it will work on a variety of tablets or phones, including iPhone and Android.
Neal's Weather

Neal's Weather is software that allows you to get weather from two different sources - NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency) and the "weather underground" (  In addition to that, you can get weather for a specific city, for a specific zip code, or the device's location!  It runs on phones, tablets and the web.  Depending on the weather source selected, you can also get hourly forecasts by clicking/touching the day in question. This comes in handy for me when trying to determine if the wind is too strong for flying remote control airplanes.  If you have any interest in weather and forecasts you should check it out and see if you have a use for it.
Already have an older version of Neal's Weather? It will expire soon, if not already. You can see the different platform expiration dates here.

Neal's Weather Requirements

Any web browser - desktop or mobile - including but not limited to FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, etc.
You will need to create registration information to sign in with. This registration uses an email address and password to gain entry to the site, access your data and keep your settings private from others.