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Neal's Cars/Desktop: Account Expired
I can't use Neal's Cars for Desktop anymore, it says it has expired and I need to complete a purchase before continuing.
The Neal's Cars software for all platforms besides the web, have been discontinued. Each platform has expired, or will be expiring on different dates. The older platforms have not been supported for a while now (the last build was 8/23/2015) and the web version was created to take their place. The web version has all of the capabilites of the other platforms and adds new capabilities as well, like Service Intervals and images for vehicles.
There is no fee, you do not need to purchase anything. All of your existing data is already available on the web, you just need to create an account to use it. You can go here for detailed information on how to get up and running on the web version.
Neal's Cars/Phone: Account Expired
I can't use Neal's Cars for Windows Phone anymore, it says it has expired and I need to complete a purchase before continuing.
Neal's Cars/Tablet: Account Expired
I can't use Neal's Cars for Tablet/Windows Store anymore, it says it has expired and I need to complete a purchase before continuing.
Neal's Cars/Web: Associate Old Neal's Cars Account To Web Version
When I registered for Neal's Cars for the first time on the web version, I expected to see all of my information from the old software version, but I don't. I think I might have selected the wrong way to use the data when I registered.
This cannot be corrected via the website but it is easy enough to fix.
You will need to email me your two Account Identifiers (located on the About form/screen) for each account, and tell me which one you would like to keep, like, which one has the data you want. Let's call that one Device A, and the one you don't want to keep (with new, sample data) on the web.
I will then eliminate the account you don't want (on the web). You will then have to sign back in to the web version to get to the next step. You won't have to re-register your email address again, just complete the original registration process, with the way that allows you to enter the account you want to use.
After signing in, you should get the option to select either the create account (I AM A FIRST TIME USER OF NEAL'S CARS) or link your existing account (I USE NEAL'S CARS ON ANOTHER PLATFORM) again when using the web. This time, select the I USE NEAL'S CARS ON ANOTHER PLATFORM option and enter the Account Identifier from Device A that has the data you want to use on the web.
Neal's Weather/All Platforms: Weather Source doesn't work
When I select for the Weather Source I can't get any weather information because an error says something about lat/lon.
Unfortunately, the weather source has not been working for a while, ever since they changed their third-party access model.
This will be corrected, I may have to use another weather source instead, but I am aware of the problem and will take care of it in the near future, hopefully before February 2023. In the meantime, please keep using the NOAA weather source instead.
Ultimate Car (old)/Desktop: Not Supported
I don't see this software available as a download anymore.
Ultimate Car has been unsupported for many years now. It is no longer available as a download from this site.