Neal's Cars is free, it has been for some time now. You cannot purchase it because the subscription model is not being used anymore.
However, all old platforms, like Desktop, Windows Phone and Windows Store, are not being supported, only the web version is in use. If you want to continue using Neal's Cars you will need to migrate to the web version.
All "old platform" users of Neal's Cars will need to create an account on the Neal's Cars website in order to continue to use their account going forward. The Desktop, Windows Phone and Windows Store versions are obsolete and unsupported, the last build of those platforms was 8/23/2015.

Neal's Cars Accounts

Expired: Saturday, December 10, 2022
Expired: Saturday, December 17, 2022
Expires: Friday, January 1, 2027
Expires: Saturday, January 1, 2050

This account expiration is an attempt to migrate those existing users to the current web version to gain access to updated features and capabilities, like Service Intervals and vehicle images. This also attempts to mitigate possible data security issues presented by the Desktop version.

If your account shows that it has expired, then perform the following steps to get an account setup on the web version, free of charge.

  • Go to Neal's Cars website and select the "register as a new user" link.
  • Enter an email and setup a password when prompted. You will be added as a new user, but logged out and will have to sign back in after using the confirmation email it will send you.
  • Wait for the confirmation letter to arrive in your email Inbox (make sure to check your Spam or Junk folders as well).
    • If you try and sign in without confirming the email, you will be denied access, with "Email not confirmed yet" message.
  • Follow the links provided for the email confirmation.
  • After completing the email confirmation, you will be prompted for how you will be using the site.
    • Select the option to link your existing account, the one that says I USE NEAL'S CARS ON ANOTHER PLATFORM.
      • Enter the account identifier that appears in the About form in your Desktop Neal's Cars, and select Continue.
    • DO NOT select option for a new user (I AM A FIRST TIME USER OF NEAL'S CARS).
      • You are not a new user!
  • After you have completed the registration you will be directed to the main page for your account. You have successfully created an account.

If you really, really, really need to use an older, unsupported, platform version, please contact me with your reason and I will consider reinstating it for a short time. You must be very persuasive in order for this to happen.