This is an app that runs on any Windows 8.x phone. It has all of the features described below and can be installed from the Microsoft Store app page.

MPG chart

Neal's Cars is software that logs and tracks repairs, miles per gallon (MPG), oil changes, brake replacements, etc., for cars, trucks and motorcycles. All entries can be filtered and displayed in table format and fuel economy and costs are displayed in chart format as well.

This software works on many different platforms - web, phone, tablet, computer - and all platforms can record fuel stops, oil changes, tire repairs, maintenance and more for an unlimited number of vehicles. Default suppliers for frequently used item types allows quick entry. Last mileage entered for each vehicle is remembered for quick entry. Change viewing filter to only see items interested in based on date range and item types.

NOTE: This is new software that takes off where Ultimate Car left off but works on newer platforms and keeps its data in the cloud. It is completely separate from Ultimate Car and does not follow a direct upgrade path from Ultimate Car but you can get any current data transferred to the new format, just ask.

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If you have any questions or problems using the software make sure to check out the Frequently Asked Questions section as well.

NOTE: All platforms access the same cloud data securely stored and maintained on nealsstuff servers. Once data for one platform has been entered then all platforms have access to the same data - they share the same account.

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